暖心 歡樂,冬日慈善嘉年華回顧

The long-awaited Victorian Winter Charity Carnival Week officially kicked off in style with our lovely Winter Charity Bazaar.


In our Tiny Hands, Big Hearts-themed bazaar, the parents of each class worked hard to  help run the stalls of our charity. In the end, everyone ’s paid off! The total amount of charity funds raised that day was RMB17050, which greatly exceeded our expectations!


On Monday, our PTA representatives and several children from the K3 classes delivered some of the charity materials purchased to the "Baby House”orphanage. Furthermore, the remaining funds will also be donated. Now these cold winter days will be warmed with love! I believe that those who need help will feel the warmth and care from the Victoria Xuhui family this winter season.


The Winter Games


During the second day of The Winter Games, the teachers prepared fun winter-themed  games that brought smiles and laughter to the face of every child at Victoria Kindergarten.


Look! With the help of my friends I could pin the nose on Santa Clause!


With everyone's conjoint efforts to organise and prepare, we finally got a mysterious gift.


Hanging a Christmas cane with your feet is a really fun and challenging game! If it were you, could you hang the candy cane faster than us?


In Laser Island, we instantly transformed into Agent X! Bending and twisting over the laser beams to complete our impossible task!


Crafting Celebration


On the third day of Crafting Celebration, we began our holiday themed Arts & Crafts activities. On this day, we used our dexterous little hands to develop various lovely Christmas artwork. Look! the beautiful Christmas trees with our head’s, cute Santa, fuzzy Christmas tree decorations, and smartChristmas reindeer. It's lovely!


Festival Feast


On the fourth day was the long anticipated Festival Feast! Maybe as soon as you hear the name you can guess that we tasted food on this day! Yes, the school's logistics team and chefs prepared a variety of exquisite and delicious Christmas-themed lunches and snacks for the children to enjoy. The colorful Christmas food makes us feel dazzled and  sends our appetites soaring, we can't wait to taste these hearty delicacies!


Pajama Party


On the fifth day we wore warm and cozy pajamas to participate in a winter-themed pajama movie party. This is the first time we have come to the kindergarten in pajamas. This feeling is both fun and special; being able to watch cartoon movies with my friends in pajamas is a very exciting and happy feeling, especially being able to see all kinds of new and interesting pajamas!


The week-long winter charity carnival has quickly come to an end, and the children seemed to certainly have enjoyed it! Let's look forward to the coming Winter Carnival next year!


Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!



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